A woman named Ashley Hoffman suggested four traits that would cause you to be “loved” on the job.

Generosity – Would your colleagues describe you as generous?  Are you free with words of encouragement?  Do you readily help someone who is struggling in some fashion?  Are you quick with a smile or laugh?  Will you go out of your way?  Are your teammates glad to see you coming?  That’s what generosity in the workplace looks like to me.

Initiative – Do you make things better by making suggestions?  Do you readily try new things?  Do you introduce new ideas into the workplace?  Will you volunteer when volunteers are sought?  Better yet, will you volunteer proactively by saying, “I see this issue, do you mind if I work to resolve it?”  Initiators don’t wait to be asked.  They move toward the solution.

Momentum – Are you a catalyst?  In sports, the momentum changer is the one who makes a play.  The game-changer is distinctive because they frequently find a way to shift things back to the positive when they were negative.  Sometimes it’s through effort.  Sometimes it’s through inspiration.  Sometimes it’s through a will.  Nevertheless, momentum changers are always alert for the opportunity to raise the level of execution of their teammates.

Transparency – Transparency is honest.  It has no hidden agendas.  It believes in sharing information.  It focuses on teaching and learning.  It’s humble and candid about shortfalls.  It believes things can be better.

I liked the list.  I can tell you when I apply those characteristics to the people on my team, they cause me to understand why I enjoy the work I do.