Ways To Express Humility

Read an internet post recently which stated that being humble isn’t soft or meek.

To be humble is a choice. It always calls for taking a steeper path. A path which initially calls for deferring gratification for the sake of others.

Deferring gratification calls for will. To seek to understand more calls for courage. It’s patience rather than impulse.

All in all, humility is a pathway to toughness and resilience. Here are some ways humility is expressed.

  1. It’s not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.
  2. Being of service to others…
  3. When we are wrong, we promptly admit it.
  4. Not caring about who really gets the credit…
  5. Doing the next right thing…
  6. Means living without extremes…. Moderation
  7. Humility is intended for a good person who wants to get better
  8. A form of spiritual fitness.
  9. A perpetual quietness of the heart
  10. Asking, not telling…
  11. A conscious effort to NOT think about myself. (or else I will think of myself)
  12. NOT having to one-up people…
  13. Rooting for everyone!
  14. Honesty…

I can look back over the week and remember times I behaved counter to the ideas above. In each case, I was taking the easy way. Sometimes, the easy way had consequences that weren’t desired.

Strive to choose humbly when confronted. It brings satisfaction rather than regret.