We Are All Important Part 1

One of our board members and his wife recently journeyed to Africa. While there, they toured a business. He found this and shared it.

From a sewing room in a tribal textile business in Africa:

              OUR PHILOSOPHY 

We are all important.

Be grateful every day.

All men and women are equal

Help each other, don’t blame each other.

Leave anger at the gate, be positive

Communication is key.

Life is better when you’re laughing.

Take your work seriously but yourself lightly.

As I read those statements, two thoughts jump out.

First, there’s respect. We are equal, important. We are due communication. We help each other.

Second, our attitude is a choice and it makes a difference. Take it easy. Be positive. Laugh all you can. We are lucky so be grateful.

Bet this company does well.