We are always hiring!

We have too many good, qualified people,” said nobody, ever. Especially at PalletOne, Sunbelt or SunOne Logistics.

I’ve not always been CEO. The first part of my career I worked in Human Resources. I hired and fired. Oriented and trained. Counseled and disciplined.

In the thirty-three years, I’ve been in the business, we’ve always needed good people. Always!

I’ve learned a couple of things.

While we people respond to now hiring signs on the street, a more reliable source of candidates are our employees. Our employees know what it takes to succeed in our operations and has more insight into whether the candidate can do what it takes.

I’ve learned that if an employee recommends someone, chances are good that the candidate will succeed. I trust that source above all others.

These days, as I visit our operations, the major concern is whether we can get enough good people. So, I’m inviting you to pay attention as you travel the community. Let’s find some good people, invite them to apply and encourage them to join the team.

We are always hiring. Especially someone you recommend..