We surrender the results of the future to our process” Boston Celtic basketball coach Brad Stevens.

We are all “in process”.  We don’t stand still.  We don’t know what will happen tomorrow.  We are aging.

Getting smarter-or not.  Getting stronger-or not

Improving our skills-or not.  Building our team-or not

Getting wealthier-or not.  Strengthening our relationships-or not

You get my point. You can add to the list.

Stevens makes a good point.  We don’t do know what our future will be.  We can imagine it.  We can hope for it.  We can fear it.  But it doesn’t take long to live a life to know you don’t control it.  You can’t be as sure of it.

But Stevens asserts that chances of a better future are tightly tied to what our process is involved in today. 

We are on a road to somewhere.  If we care about how it ends up, we will pay attention to what we are doing today.  That’s the process.

Be engaged in the process.  Fill the process with sound, productive habits.  That’s “happening to the world” instead of letting it happen to you.