When Someone On Our Team Gets Injured

I get a call each time someone on our team gets injured. It’s the protocol.

I listen for severity (how bad is the injury? What do we need to do to provide assistance?) I listen for sincerity? (Is there a serious investigation taking place? Are we committed to fixing it?) I’m looking for action. (What’s the game plan?)

I haven’t backed this up with a study, but my recent recollection of injuries seems to indicate a focus on hand injuries. Stitches, contusions, amputations-each, have been part of my recent calls.

I’m not sure what we should expect. We have 1,400 employees. Most are putting their hands in positions where injuries can occur.

But, I think it deserves some study.

The problem that continually prodded will be improved.

Let’s break down this hand injury issue. Let’s ask some questions.

How many hand injuries do we have at each plant?

Where do they occur? Are there zones in our plants that deserve special attention?

Who has them? Is there anything distinctive about those getting injured?

Who in the plant has never had an injury? Let’s ask them if they have secrets to share that help their success.

Let’s write down our observations and share them.

Let’s prod this hand problem until we see results.