When You Know Something Needs To Happen, Don’t Delay

“Anything that needs to be done eventually should probably be done immediately.”

–  Jeremy Foley, retired athletic director Univ. Of Florida

Foley was talking about personnel decisions.  He had a policy of taking decisive action when it was called for.

But Foley has a point.  I can remember several times in my work history where I “knew” some action needed to be taken and held off.  The action was mine to take, but I just put it off.

The reasons can vary:

Timing was inconvenient.  The change would be a hassle.  Wanted to wait until a more convenient time.

False hope.  Maybe things could correct on their own.

Lack of courage.  The truth would bruise feelings and I didn’t want to have the “feel bad” emotion that would accompany the action.

But, waiting never worked.  When the action finally occurred, it was still inconvenient, disruptive and resulted in hard feelings.  Only it was worse.

A business leader Jamie Dimon said, (and I often quote it) “Problems don’t age well.”  I’ve found it to be true.

So, don’t be rash.  Be thoughtful.  Be candid with feedback.  Take steps to make things better.  But, when your head says, “it’s time”, take some steps to do what needs to be done.