Winners Always Look To Improve

“The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation and think they can make it better.”

Does that describe you?

There are many ways you can make the situations you encounter better.

I look for leadership. Once I find it, I look to see how I contribute by helping the cause.

Sometimes, leadership isn’t obvious. If I’m sticking around, I look to see if it is appropriate for me to provide some.

I try to understand what’s trying to be accomplished. Once I understand it, I look to contribute any skills or knowledge I can provide that will aid the cause.

I look over the team. Who can teach me? Who needs me to teach them? Who may need a word of encouragement? Who needs to be asked to participate? Who needs to be recognized?

But, here’s the thing to understand: if you don’t look for ways to make things better and act upon them, chances are you won’t be a winner.