You reap what you sow

“You reap what you sow.”

In the Bible, they call that the Law of the Harvest. The idea is that we can only expect the fruit that comes from the seed you sow.

Sowing is a planting term. It suggests that you “cast” seed “broadly.” So, the harvest we receive someday will depend on how much and what kind of seed you sow today.

So, what kind of harvest/results are you looking for?

There are so many outcomes we look for in our enterprise.

We need suppliers who regard us as their key, valued customers. There are so many ways we sow seed with suppliers. Pay our bills. Friendly interactions. Creative interchanges where we help them design and create products we use. A strong, vital, growing consumption which fuels their operation. Our relationship with our vendors is not one way. We sow into it so that it will be fruitful.

We need customers who regard us as their valued suppliers. Again, the seed. They can find us anytime they need us. Our response is urgent. Our efforts are fruitful. They love to deal with us because of our friendliness and professionalism. We deliver on time. We provide the quality we promise. There is value for the money they give us.

Most importantly perhaps we need the people on our team. We need to sow seeds of appreciation and encouragement. We need to have our communication paths open. We need environments that interest every person. We need to sow seeds that yield the fruit of “well-being” for everyone involved.

For an organization, a family, a person is to prosper, their needs to be seed broadcast. If you haven’t been casting seed, you should expect no harvest coming up. But, if you have been and continue to do so, a harvest is on the way.

The strength of our team depends on the seed cast today. Are you loaded for sowing today?