Your Choices Define You

“I am who I am today, because of the choices I made yesterday.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you find that statement true?

Did you initiate something yesterday which is going to make a difference in your future?

Initiating change intentionally is “happening to the world”.

You choose to create relationships. You choose to sever relationships.

You choose to read a book or to change your television habits.

You endeavor to take on more healthy lifestyle habits by starting an exercise program or eating healthier.

You take a few minutes to consider how you attack your daily assignments and try something new.

You seek out someone who knows about you and your life and you pick their brain about what you can do to improve it.

The options are countless.

There’s another perspective too. If you don’t like who you are today, it’s because of poor choices. You reap what you sow.

So, having a life of choices with a focus on becoming better has much to be commended. Resist the path of going with the flow. Make a choice today that makes your tomorrow better.