“You may not get to choose where you go, but you always get to choose how you’ll travel. We can decide to engage our challenges with passion, to fully commit to a goal, to compete with our past and improve, to overcome the setbacks we face, and to enjoy the journey along the way.” – Tim Elmore

How are you traveling?

Elmore’s quote reminds me how much attitude matters.

If you are fortunate, you like the path you’re on. You’re heading somewhere you chose to go. It’s easier to muster enthusiasm for a journey like that. You choose a direction. You head down the path. The “choosing” provides some energy.

But inevitably, we encounter journeys we didn’t choose. Maybe you experience an illness. Maybe a financial challenge arises. Maybe a life condition changes, which is hard and takes some coping.

So, how will you travel when you’re on the road you didn’t choose? You have a choice.

Bitter or better?