General Neyland’s “7 Maxims” To Live By

Most of us create a game plan for navigating life.  There are things you must do.  Things you mustn’t.  Areas where you focus attention.  Areas that distract us.  Over time, you solidify your list.  It becomes your creed.  It makes you predictable.  Those who know you, begin to understand what you expect, what you will […]

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Ways To Develop Your “Emotional Intelligence”

There is a notion these days that having “Emotional Intelligence” (EQ) will take you farther in life than having a high IQ. Daniel Goleman, a Harvard psychologist, says one of the domains of EQ is relationship management.  An effective relationship will develop these competencies: Influence – Having the ability to impact others.  It starts with […]

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Attitude Begets Action

“The right attitude rarely produces the wrong action.” Put this thought about attitude to an internal assessment. Think about the last time you completed a “wrong” action.  How would you describe your attitude? Bored? Complacent? Fearful? Unfocused?  Lackadaisical?  Lazy? Distracted? Mad?  Bitter?  Vengeful? Greedy?  Selfish? Grieving?  Sad?  Hurting? The list is endless of negative feelings […]

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The PalletCentral Magazine, the publication of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association recently published a report on the economic impact of pallets. Here are some facts to know: The pallet industry has experienced seven straight years of growth, rebounding from The Great Recession of 2008-9. As of 2016, our industry employed more than 67,000 […]

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