Leader Consultant Tim Kight interviewed Mark McCullough, an executive leader in the huge utility company American Electric Power. McCullough has worked for AEP his entire career. He started as a manager trainee at the bottom and worked his way up to a leadership position overseeing 5,000 teammates and 8,000 contractors. Kight asked McCollough to describe […]

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“Lead where you stand.” In these days of stress and turmoil, that’s the thread that keeps running through my brain. Work inside your circle of influence to make things better. Model the behavior you believe is right for the world. Do unto others as you desire it be done to you. Listen to understand. Lend […]

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“Trust is the stacking of small moments over time, something that cannot be summoned with a command—there are either marbles in the jar or there are not.” – Brené Brown, Dare to Lead Trust – I’ve come to learn that being trusted is among the most sought-after character traits. Leadership books tell me that as […]

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Suffering in Silos Silently

CATEGORY: MOTIVATION, TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP TITLE: Suffering in Silos Silently Suffering In Silos SilentlY. (SISSY) This is one of the biggest things we fight. We are 23 locations. We have 1,620 teammates. In a given day, each one of you will encounter things, factors, conditions that are frustrating or are hassles. When those things occur, we […]

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