“UBUNTU” – Promoting the Greater Good

“UBUNTU” – Promoting the Greater Good “A Coach’s Rules for Life” was recently released.  Its first edition features Doc Rivers, a great NBA coach, describing the leadership rules he leads and coaches by. One of his rules was “Ubuntu.”  I recognized it immediately.  I heard the term when he was leading a great renaissance with […]

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We are in a numbers business.  We track them all the time.  How many loads did we ship?  How much lumber did we use?  Was there any waste?  Are we getting better or worse? Most of us start the day with a number in our heads.   We know how much we are expected to produce.  […]

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Suffering in Silos Silently

CATEGORY: MOTIVATION, TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP TITLE: Suffering in Silos Silently Suffering In Silos SilentlY. (SISSY) This is one of the biggest things we fight. We are 23 locations. We have 1,620 teammates. In a given day, each one of you will encounter things, factors, conditions that are frustrating or are hassles. When those things occur, we […]

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