Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is good for the soul! If you Google the benefits of gratitude, you will read creating the habit of being grateful has a positive impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual health. The experts say that expressing gratitude improves your attitude, increases your ability to handle your stress and contributes to your energy to […]

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Happy Independence Day!

On the Fourth of July in 1776 we declared our independence from King George III, Britain and the tyrannical reign over the United States. Declaring independence was not a simple matter. Especially when the greatest nation in the world believes that it should control your territory and resources. Britain engaged in a battle to “protect” […]

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The Captain Class

In the book The Captain Class by Sam Walker, the author studied athletic teams from all the world that established a record of success over a long period of time. The primary distinguishing factor for the most successful teams was the captain who led them. In most cases, these captains aren’t the most talented or […]

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Listen and Learn!!

Did you hear the story about the nine year old girl who escaped the jaws of an alligator? The gator grabbed her on the leg. She hit the gator on the head and that didn’t work. She then stuck her fingers up the gator’s nose to affect its breathing. Needing to breathe, the gator opened […]

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