Honoring Veteran’s Day From Normandy

In honor of Veterans Day… Took a sacred walk last week, Thursday, November 7th with my family.  We were visiting Normandy, France which is the site of the D-Day Invasion.  Historians say D-Day changed the course of World War II and history as we know it. This happened 75 years ago.  As the distance grows […]

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Ways To Develop Your “Emotional Intelligence”

There is a notion these days that having “Emotional Intelligence” (EQ) will take you farther in life than having a high IQ. Daniel Goleman, a Harvard psychologist, says one of the domains of EQ is relationship management.  An effective relationship will develop these competencies: Influence – Having the ability to impact others.  It starts with […]

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How To “Do” Life Better

How are you feeling today?  Excited – Bored – Hopeful – Hopeless – Dreadful – Engaged – Grateful -Resentful – Joyful. You can feel all sorts of ways. I had a friend who would spend half of her Sunday moaning that Sunday would end and she had to return to work on Monday.  I hope […]

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Attitude Begets Action

“The right attitude rarely produces the wrong action.” Put this thought about attitude to an internal assessment. Think about the last time you completed a “wrong” action.  How would you describe your attitude? Bored? Complacent? Fearful? Unfocused?  Lackadaisical?  Lazy? Distracted? Mad?  Bitter?  Vengeful? Greedy?  Selfish? Grieving?  Sad?  Hurting? The list is endless of negative feelings […]

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