Our lumber is markedly more expensive than a year ago. In every phase of our business, we are spending more for it than we were a year ago. When lumber is more expensive, the cost of waste rises. It’s the nature of our business that material that goes in the dumpster may be ugly, but […]

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A Record Year in Shipshewana

I was in Shipshewana at our mill yesterday. They had a celebration about their fantastic year. The team in Shipshewana set records in timber and logs purchased, the amount of timber logged by our crews, and the amount of lumber cut, assembled into pallets and shipped. They also put two-thirds of their pallets through a […]

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What’s Right with America

President Obama was inaugurated yesterday. I caught the highlights and sound bytes on television last night and this morning. Much of the discussion was about whether the president can be successful at facilitating agreement between the warring political factions. It is common to believe that our government in Washington is dysfunctional. And, because of that […]

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PalletOne CFO Honored

We are fortunate to have one of the best Chief Financial Officers in the world. Casey Fletcher. Really, the world. I’ve been working with Casey since 1981. When we started PalletOne, we were fortunate that Casey came aboard with us as partner and financial master. Through his thoughtful, steadfast, knowledgeable, dogged, inventive stewardship, we have […]

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