We have a new President. Donald J. Trump has assumed the helm.

I listened to the speech. Candidly, it caused me to squirm a bit by the nature of its confrontational tone. But, it was true to form. He has a point of view and intends to pursue it.

Two things: First, the climate President Trump seeks should be pro-business. He speaks of tax relief which may mean more resources to invest in business and more money in your check. He speaks of infrastructure investment which means more business to pursue. He speaks of making sure that all Americans will be a priority which should mean better education and greater opportunity.

Second, at the end of the day, we as individuals, as families, as an enterprise have a better chance to impact our future than President Trump will. To be sure, he will have an impact. But, he is a factor in the hand of

cards we will be dealt. We are the ones playing the hand.

The president deserves the most respect and best support you can muster. May God bless the United States.