Customer Quality

One of the questions you are asked each year in our annual plant survey is whether you are clear about what is expected of you.

Years ago, when I was an HR Pro, I worked with supervisors and managers to find a way to summarize what we look for from our employees.  We came up with a list of 10 Commitments that we would like each team member to embrace. You may have seen them printed up somewhere in your facility.

We have had many people join our team since I last shared these.  So, here’s a refresher. We’re looking closer at commitment # 7. “Customer Quality”

Everybody has a customer. You are either serving the paying customer directly or you are serving someone who is.

The key to success is understanding what the customer  expects of you, exactly as possible. Then meet or exceed those expectations.

Believe it or not, these expectations are frequently misunderstood. We take on a job. Someone shows us what to do and we try to pick it up. Frequently, the “why” of what we do is left out of the training. Endeavoring to learn the “why” gives you a chance to find tune your work.

The more you know about what your customer expects and needs, the better your chances are to delight your customer.

Delighting your customer builds repeat business and loyalty.


  1. No Shortcuts

We will teach you the safe way, provide you safe equipment, fix it when it breaks. Do it right and safe.

  1. Safety Freeze.

Watch out for others, guide and teach “rookies,” hold others accountable for safe practices.

  1. On-time and Quick Start

Be there, start timely.

  1. Work Smart-Technique and Consistency

Learn the right techniques and work at a consistent pace.

  1. Work Hard-Strength and Speed

Build endurance and push for faster production

  1. Teamwork

Teammates support, co-operate, encourage and motivate each other. Be a good team member.

  1. “Customer Quality”

Know your customer and exceed their expectations.

  1. 100% Uptime

Learn to understand your tools and machines. Maintain them. Report little things before they become big.

  1. Lean and Clean.

To run lean, we must have good housekeeping. Keep your area clean.

  1. Better or worse?

If you are not moving toward excellence, you are drifting toward mediocrity.