A better person can help make

A better person can help make a better family.

A better family helps to make a better community.

A better community makes a better county.

A better county, a better state. A better state, a better country. A better country, a better world.

You see the flow.

You can substitute better with other words.

A safer person makes a safer team.

Safe teams become safer plants.

Safer plants a safer company.

Two things are obvious about these chains.

The chain starts with individual commitments. Individuals making a vow to honor a commitment to make safety a priority. Individuals supporting the vow with grit and determination. Individuals who renew a commitment daily and makes the commitment a point of honor.

Secondly, the chain connects. It becomes a team. Commitments are easier to achieve when they are pursued by multiple colleagues.

We’re in January. Can we each commit to be safer this year? Can we team up to make sure a safer environment is achieved?