Effective organizations will help their members develop and refine their character.  

Character with a capital ‘C’ is how your behaviors, thoughts, and attitude leave an impression.  I don’t know about you, but I want to leave a positive impression.  I want my character to be admired and respected.  

I’ve worked in this organization for 38 years.  I’ve been exposed to colleagues and leaders who have shaped how I go about business and life.  

I work harder and smarter because of examples that have been put before


I respond to adversity resiliently because I’ve learned that when I’ve teamed up with the right people, that adversity passes, and we get stronger as we persist and endure.  

My empathy has deepened as I’ve been exposed to so many diverse people and learned to understand what their life experiences contributed to their character.  

I’ve learned the value of being agile in the face of change because change is constant.  Change calls for courage and I’ve learned to be courageous as change requires.  

My opportunities at PalletOne have made me a better man and it’s reflected, hopefully, in a more developed character.  It wouldn’t have been the same without the journey.  

I hope you can say the same.