Are you a giver or a taker?

Many of us would say we try to keep it in balance. That “I give as good as I get.”  We try to keep our accounts square.  I don’t owe you.  You don’t owe me.

But that’s not how it is in the world, is it?

Whether it’s arrogance or ignorance, there are folks in the world who try to get by through doing less and giving less.  It’s a game.  We connive and scheme to get the world (co-workers, family members, customers, and neighbors) to give us more than we deserve or earn.

I know that role.  I’ve told the stories.  I tried to get by in school without studying, attending, or doing the homework.  I’ve dodged work by trying to be obscure.  I’ve cheated workouts by taking a rep off while hoping the coach didn’t notice.

But here’s the news….

Taking instead of giving doesn’t work long term.  Sure, you may skate by for a time, but trying to cheat the system by taking all the time will catch up to you.

Giving more is a mindset. You’re not a chump when you give more.  Giving more will establish value.  It’s an investment.  It gets returned.

Giving more than taking adds leverage.  Have faith in “giving” as a strategy.  It leads to a good life.