A Visitor’s Perspective

You don’t know what you project sometimes. You are in the same environment day after day. You do what you do.

It’s good to have a fresh set of eyes evaluate things.

We had the CEO of a large lumber company pass through our operations in Florida this week.

He made a point of saying to our plant manager there: “I admire the way your folks get after the work. There’s a great energy. It tells me you’ve been successful at building a team.”

That’s high praise from a respected lumber professional. Congratulations.

But, let me tell you. That could have been any of our plants. He could roll from location to location and see the same kind of effort and productivity. It’s my privilege to do so. I’m proud of the team we are cultivating.

So, way to go, both treating and pallet operations. I’m proud.

But, all the rest of you, be proud as well. He would have said the same about you.