Ambition: a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work

I recently was interviewing candidates for a job. We asked them: “What is your ambition?”

Some answered with a blank stare and asked what we meant.

When you have ambition, you intend to do something or achieve something. It can range over many topics.

Want to be a great dad or spouse? That’s ambition

Climb a mountain or run a marathon? That’s ambition

Get out of debt or get in shape? That’s ambition.

Get promoted or become an expert at something? That’s ambition

Some people can describe an ambition without really having one. That’s where the second part kicks in.

People with ambition are willing to work hard to achieve it. The ambition occupies a space in your brain. You think about it. You hatch plans to make it happen. It’s a daily activity.

The other part of ambition is determination. Because ambition stretches us, it isn’t easy.

Because it isn’t easy, it’s not always steady progress.  Because setbacks come along, many will abandon their ambitions.

That’s where determination kicks in. A real ambition causes you to get up and try again. It keeps you engaged for the long run. If you have an ambition, you keep fighting. With determination.

Ambition enhances your life. It gets the juices flowing. It is the author of good habits. Ambition builds.

What’s your ambition?