An Acrostic for Leading a Balanced Lifestyle

I have a friend Sheryl Chernault who is writing a curriculum for a hospital system designed to teach young people about a “balanced” lifestyle. She is using the acrostic CREATION©.

Choice – Recognizing how choices we make impact the kind of life we live.

Rest – Acknowledging the importance of adequate rest in achieving health.

Environment – Acknowledging how the creation of improved environments contributes to quality of life.

Activity – A balanced life includes exercise, movement and action. It isn’t passive.

Trust – Being trustworthy provides peace. Trustworthiness attracts trustworthy companions. Trust reduces stress and creates…

Interpersonal relationships – Healthy, “life-giving” relationships create balance. Understanding how to create them and nurture them is essential.

Outlook – Being hopeful. Leaning forward. Looking at life as a “glass half full.” Having faith. Those things lead to a positive, balanced life.

Nutrition – Eating well creates health and energy.

As you know, I love an inventory like this. If you’re like me, each item causes you to consider how you measure up.

I think “choice” is a great opener. The key factor in each of the other characteristics begins with an individual choice. What kind of choice do you need to make to improve your life?