Are You A Courageous Communicator?

Courageous communication is critical to our success at PalletOne.

What do I mean by courageous communication?

Courageous communicators are candid about the situations that need attention. They will point out shortcomings in our process and suggest ways to correct them.

Courageous communicators will address uncomfortable discussions. I call this the “bad breath area”. They will tell someone they have bad breath rather than let everyone suffer.

Courageous communicators will reveal their shortcomings and ask for help. It takes a certain vulnerability to confess a need for help. Courageous communicators have it.

Courageous communicators will admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

Courageous communicators will be bold to suggest ideas. Even when the ideas are unconventional or not in the area of specialty which they serve.

Courageous communicators got that way by taking risks. Once started, they kept trying despite false starts and imperfect results. They became competent through trial and error.

Courageous communicators operate with the confidence that to communicate courageously is an assurance of improving the team.