Are You Growing?

This was tweeted today by George Raveling, a basketball coach:

“Question??  What have you done in the last 24 hours to contribute to your personal growth and development?”

It’s a good question.

Perhaps you have constructed a daily routine that has activity devoted to personal growth and development. Such a list might include:



Podcasts for development

On-line school

Creative endeavors such as painting, woodcraft or making something out of old pallets Regular meditation or prayer Teaching others young or old Giving time as a volunteer Coaching a youth league team

You get my point. What are you choosing to do to help you’re growth.

I’m reading a book called “Primed to Perform”. It lists motivational characteristics of high performing teams as contrasted to those which don’t perform.

The theory describes a condition called inertia as one of the worst things for a team. Inertia means there is no purpose, no plan, no fun, no creativity. Inertia is drudgery and routine. It’s going through the motions.

Here’s the premise:

If you don’t have an answer to the “what have you done to grow” question, there is a great chance that inertia has crept in.

Inertia isn’t standing still. Inertia is slipping backward.

If inertia is slipping in, you are moving toward a negative space.

If you’ve settled into inertia, everyone around you probably wishes you would come up with a better strategy.