What is your trust reputation?

You have one, whether you want one or not.

Your spouse. Your kids. Your colleagues. Your friends. Everyone you interact with has classified you as trustworthy or not. It’s the music that runs in the background of every group of people.

Trust lubricates things. It cuts down on friction. When trusting relationships get sideways, the presence of trust allows folks to communicate with courage, say what needs to be said, work quickly for solutions.

Our behavior determines our trust reputation:

  • Do you show up on time?
  • Is your effort predictable?
  • Do you perform competently?
  • Do you honor commitments and keep your word?
  • Do you own mistakes? Are you accountable?
  • Do you trust others? Do you allow and expect the team to fulfill roles? Do they experience your appreciation as they do?

When we pay attention to trust amongst others, we notice it exists lavishly in the teams that do the best.

So, if you don’t have the team or the partnership you want, consider how much trust is flowing. How do you build it up? Start with yourself.