Being “on time” is a skill.

Many would tell you it’s simple.  Just be on time.  But it’s more than that.

It takes analysis.  How much time does it take to get where you want to be?  If you’re like me, you choose a time frame that works only if everything goes perfectly.  In these days and times, more things are likely to cause a glitch.  The skillful punctual performer anticipates set-backs and builds margin into the process.

It takes planning.  Got to get to work on time?  Get your stuff in order the night before.  Set your clothes out.  Make sure you can find your car keys.  Know what the weather is going to be like.

There’s no harm in getting anywhere with minutes to spare.  It allows you to take on your job with fresh energy and a good attitude.  It will improve your productivity because there is no wasted time adjusting to late arrivals.