Attitude and Effort Key To Performance

PA + E = P

It’s a formula cited by Jimmy Johnson, championship coach in college and NFL. He explained it:

Positive Attitude + Effort = Performance

“Everyone has gifts and talents born into them,” he starts. “We have no control of that.”

“What we control is our attitude and our effort,” Johnson continues.  “What I know is that if your attitude remains positive and your effort remains strong, your performance will improve. Every time.”

It’s a good gut check. If your attitude is slipping, you know it. You know if you’re slipping into negativity. You know it if you feel lethargic.

You can shift it by considering your circumstances. You can remember your blessings. You can express gratitude. You can get your mind right. That doesn’t happen from the outside. It’s an inside job.

Your effort is also under your control. You can play games with effort. You can give just enough to get by. You can fool colleagues and bosses. You can take a day off. Most of the time, when your effort lacks, you’re the only who knows it.

Johnson says “hard work” accomplishes a lot. He says if better performance is your goal, attitude and effort are the ingredients.