I once heard a guy say that his company focuses on a Five F balance.

(1) FAITH – cultivating a spiritual life.  A way to keep centered in our fast-moving world.

(2) FAMILY – giving your family the priority they deserve.

(3) FINANCE – having a meaningful work life that provides for the necessities in life.

(4) FITNESS – caring for your body in a healthy fashion so you can pursue life with the necessary energy.

(5) FUN – stopping to “smell the roses.”  A life without fun becomes a slog.

It’s easily said, but not easily done.

For certain, if you accept these Five F’s as being important, you must intend to achieve a balance among them.  You won’t drift into them.  You won’t luck into them.  The balance won’t occur, if left to chance.

How’s your balance?  Is there one on your list that isn’t how you would like it to be?  What will you do about it?