Be Alert To Change

“Leaders get what they create and what they allow.” -Dr. Henry Cloud

The status quo is not the leader’s friend. Status quo, trying to keep things the same, usually results in complacency. It assumes that what is happening today is good enough for tomorrow.

Dr. Cloud’s statement suggests that leaders have to be alert to change. On one hand, they have to be vigilant about assuring the correct processes are followed. They have to instill a discipline that has the team consistently doing the things that garner results. When the team falls short on those processes, there has to be action to bring them back in line.

At the same time, the leader has to assure that the team is always searching for things which allow us to move better and faster. That’s the creation piece.

The competition will pay attention to how we perform. If we are winning they will take steps to compete by duplicating us or getting better than us.

If we get cocky and let our discipline drift, they will execute better.

If we get cocky and let our creativity lapse, they will invent better.

We must work hard to maintain excellence through execution and creative invention.