Be on the Lookout for Prospective Employees

One of the better things about seeing our business improve is that we are “hiring” again.

During the tight economy that began four years ago, we had to reduce a good bit. We eliminated shifts, we cut hours and we didn’t replace folks that left in the normal flow of things.

In the last two years, we have added more than 200 people corporately. Most all of our plants work a full schedule. Overtime hours for the company are up as well.

Overtime is a good predictor that we will likely continue expansion. Most folks appreciate overtime for awhile and to a degree. But, when we go longer for an extended time, we provide relief to all by adding some help to lessen the load.

We remain cautious though. We will leave it to our sales flow to tell us how to expand. But, we don’t expect to retreat.

So, be on the lookout for us. By far, our best source of prospective employees is you.

You know what it takes to succeed here. You know whether someone has the character to be a good teammate and the ability to do the work. You vouching for someone carries weight with us.

So, when you encounter good folks and sense that we can provide a better option – steady work, competitive pay, benefits, a favorable work environment – tell them to take a look at us.

We can never have too many good employees. That need is even greater today.