Books Most Enjoyed In 2014

I was asked the best books I read last year in 2014. You will remember most of these:

“The Power of Habit”- Charles Duhigg. The idea that we are the sum of our habits is transformative. Taking an inventory of habits, deciding to change them and understanding how habits are designed can move you in a better direction.

“Creative Confidence”- Tom Kelley and David Kelley. These guys explore the idea that only some of us are creative. The evolving world demands creative responses every day. Understanding the methods of creativity helps to identify the creative ability in you.

“Never Go Back”- Dr. Henry Cloud. Cloud lays out 10 mistakes we should endeavor not to make twice. I spent the whole book nodding my head in an agreement. Reading the book might equip you with warning signals to avoid mistakes.

If that’s not enough, I’ll have a few more tomorrow.