Best Leaders

“As a leader, don’t gripe about something you allow. Don’t complain about what you tolerate. You are a leader. Lead to the desired result. ” Craig Groeschel

This quote rhymes with one of my favorites: “If the student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.”

Here’s the idea behind both quotes. The best leaders and teachers are accountable for the results of their team and students. They acknowledge that accountability. They work with that responsibility to make those around them better.

Some teachers and leaders won’t accept that responsibility. They point fingers. They say students aren’t talented enough. Come from poor backgrounds. They wonder aloud how they are expected to win given the low quality of talent with which they have to work alongside.

Superior leaders believe they have something to teach or somewhere to lead everyone they encounter. They trust their skills and abilities more than they rely on talent coming through the door.

Coach Nick Saban said it this way: “If what you are getting isn’t what teaching (leading), then you’re allowing it.”

Are you leading or teaching the right stuff? Or you are allowing something substandard?