“Trust is the stacking of small moments over time, something that cannot be summoned with a command – there are either marbles in the jar or there are not.” – Brené Brown, Dare to Lead

Trust – I’ve come to learn that being trusted is among the most sought-after character traits.

The leadership books tell me that as CEO, our company won’t thrive if I don’t earn your trust. Hopefully, you have confidence in my leadership because of how you’ve seen me behave through the years. Sound decisions have been made. Communication has been honest and transparent. Stewardship of our resources have been prudent.

I earn trust as a husband by honoring my vows and offering unconditional love.

I earn trust as a father by providing a safe environment, a guiding hand, and steadfast support.

A trusted friend listens, helps, has compassion.

A trusted teammate does the job assigned and more, if necessary, to help the team gain its goals.

Trusted folks show up on time. They do their best. They have their head in the present.

Brown’s quote reminds us that trust is built daily. One “marble” at the time.

If you want to be trustworthy, it is embedded in everything you do.