We are in a numbers business.  We track them all the time.  How many loads did we ship?  How much lumber did we use?  Was there any waste?  Are we getting better or worse?

Most of us start the day with a number in our heads.   We know how much we are expected to produce.  Everyone has a number.

The pros in our business accept the responsibility for delivering the number.  They know what’s expected of them.  They shape their day and effort around making it happen.

The pros in our business know that they must strive to improve that number.  The striving to improve helps to guarantee that the expected number is achieved.

The pros in our business know that establishing a reputation of striving and improving increases their value to the company.  Those who strive and improve get the best assignments.  Their responsibility increases over time.  Their compensation will increase.  Their control over decision making goes up.

The pros recognize that being someone who knows their number, strives to improve, and increases their responsibility will develop job security.  We intend to recognize that kind of work ethic.  We intend to make sure you love being on this team.