Celebrating Independence Day

I trust you will observe Independence Day with the honor it is due.

It was a day of great courage. Great Britain and King George were oppressive. Frustrated by the lack of regard, angered by the injustice and determined to rectify those matters, all the leaders in the colonies said it was time to be separated.

It was a day of great unity. As today, there were a variety of issues and interests arrayed among the colonies, but the things that separated those colonies were not greater than the quest for freedom that united them.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence knew what they were doing and how dangerous it would be. They knew that unity would be the primary strategy that would cause independence. Benjamin Franklin put it this way after the signing was completed: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

It was a day of great intention. Declaring independence is one thing. Winning independence was certainly another.

It took seven years before the final treaties were drawn. In the meantime, 25,000 Americans died. Fortunes were spent mounting the war. Severe trials and personal loss were endured.

But, through that challenge, a great foundation for a great country was built. The independence that was declared was achieved.

I love that our heritage is built upon courage, unity and intention. It’s great that we celebrate as a nation the day we decided to be independent and pursue it as compared to the day it was achieved.

As Americans, we are blessed beyond measure. May we live humbly and aware of our fortune. May God continue to keep his hand on us in the years ahead.