Choose A Winning Attitude

What expectations do you have for yourself?

Playing and watching athletics, I’ve learned how much expectations matter to winning and losing. So often, the team which carries high expectations finds a way to win. Teams that think they are “snakebit” or “jinxed”, will find a way to lose.

To be sure, talent, skill, intelligence and resources contribute to winning, but I believe a winning approach matters even more.

  1. Preparation matters. People who have prepared well don’t let setbacks defeat them. They “lean” into the game and count on the work on preparation will help them turn things around.
  1. Effort matters. People with high expectations know that winning isn’t easy. They keep trying hard when losers drop off. They know if you extend yourself every time, the situation will turn to you.
  1. Resilience matters. People with high expectations know that there are ups and downs. Mistakes are made. Opponents have some success along the way. Thus, setbacks can’t be the final factor. They know getting up is what distinguishes success.
  1. Attitude matters. You prepare, because you believe it works. You extend effort, because you know it will bear fruit. You get back up, because you know quitting won’t get you where you want to go.

You aren’t born with a better approach to preparation. Nor are you born with the high motor of effort or the will to get back up.

You choose to be that person.  Making those choices repeatedly is your attitude.

So, are you expecting to win this year?