Choose To Use Your Brain

I was listening to a podcast about our brains. The world is learning more and more about our brains. Fascinating stuff.

Our brains are way bigger than the rest of the living beings on earth. As far as we can tell, the size of our brain brings with it a capacity to be programmed. Meaning that when we are born, there’s programming that gets added as we go along. There is experience that comes as we use our brain. In fact, that’s the distinction: humans get to use our brains in ways other animals can’t.

Our brain gives us capacity for creativity. We can experience things and try them. We can mix experiences together and get something new and unique.

We can hear things and draw pictures in our head about what an experience might look like. Sound like. Feel like. Taste like. Smell like.

This creativity and programming gives us another capacity that other animals don’t seem to have. We get choices.

Apparently,  it is distinctively human to be able to choose. Other animals are hard wired. Humans do as they choose.

This ability to choose defines us. We choose all day, every day. Health or not healthy. Positive or negative. Get better or get worse. We are defined by our choices.

Our brain is another reason I believe we have a creator who had things in mind for us. We were given a big brain with great processing strength greater than any other capacity on earth.

Humans can experience things, learn things, listen to stories and discern a direction and purpose: for their families, their businesses, themselves.

Without the ability to choose, we have no ability to believe. We have no ability to hope. We have no capacity for faith. We have no ability to live.

The Bible says:  “We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” You owe it to yourself to use your brain to its fullest capacity. Choose wisely.  Choose often.