Caught this meme on the internet: “Change before you have to.”

What changes are you working on right now?

We all know about “have to” changes.  A great example is your health.  Somehow or another a health scare pops up.  It scares you and you adjust your lifestyle to accommodate.  Lose some weight.  Change the diet.  Take on some exercise.

Accidents happen.  Sometimes they cause permanent change.  You can take one shortcut, and something happens that changes things forever.

Don’t you agree that looking ahead to make a change before you are forced to do so by circumstances is the smart thing to do?

Don’t you agree that making a change in advance that helps you prepare for bigger opportunities that can arise is wise?

So, here are some ideas:

Choose health before sickness makes you change.

Choose thrift/savings before financial emergencies take you out.

Invest in health insurance before medical emergencies wipe you out.

Register to vote and vote so that those in power will listen to your voice on policies that matter to you.

Always have a plan to improve your “work” skills and invite someone at work to coach and advise you. Pile those changes up and you’ll be surprised at what happens.

Redouble your efforts as a parent, grandparent, uncle, or aunt to make sure the young ones you influence pursue their education.  Learners are earners.  Make sure that skill set is passed to the next generation.

Happening to the world means you change because you choose to change more often than change chooses you.