We show respect with the words we use to communicate.

 Every one of us have had the experience of letting our tongues get away from us.  We say things we wish we hadn’t said.  We learn quickly that it is impossible to unsay the  unpleasant or harsh word.  We can only count on forgiveness and hope for forgetfulness when it comes to regrettable words.

Andy Stanley encourages us to think of our tongue as a tool for building up others.

Building words are wholesome, they encourage others, and they offer ideas or better alternatives.  When critical, they are constructed in such a way to reduce defensiveness on the part of the hearer.

It’s easy to think of communicating orally with others as a natural thing.  It comes to mind, we say it.  Then, we let the chips fall.

We do better if we think of ourselves as an oral craftsmen who is constantly trying to improve the impact of our words.

The better we are, the more progress we make.  Always forward, seldom back.