“Lead where you stand.”

In these days of stress and turmoil, that’s the thread that keeps running through my brain.
Work inside your circle of influence to make things better.

Model the behavior you believe is right for the world. Do unto others as you desire it be done to you.
Listen to understand.

Lend a hand.

Respect input from others.

Teach and share the things you know and can do which will strengthen your community.

Be an agent for reconciliation. Apologize when it’s called for. Give a second chance.

Be courageous in communication. Question destructive behavior. Address it with due consideration.

Bring energy to your space. Be a model of constructive action.

Bring encouragement to your space. Acknowledge well done and well said. Acknowledge well attempted even when falling short. Effort is positive energy.

Work where you stand to make things better. Others will notice and follow suit. It’s a contagion that we need these days.