Clear Expectations Make For Termination With Integrity

As a Florida Gator football fan, I’ve watched with interest the process of terminating the coach on Sunday.

Here’s what I noticed.

There was a high regard exhibited between the boss and the fired coach.

From all appearances, there was genuine concern for each other. The decision to terminate wasn’t reached in the back room or behind the veil.

The integrity of the relationship was maintained.

Expectations were clear. At Florida, coaches are paid well and have great resources. Championships are expected and rewarded. Not achieving them results in change.

Accountability abounded. Because the expectations were clear, the outcome was defined. The coach said so. He admitted he had enough time and resources. He admitted the agreed upon expectations weren’t met. He resigned. The boss accepted the resignation.

That’s how relationships ought to work:

  1.  Build relationship through candid, caring communication. Nothing but the truth. Integrity always.
  2.  Clear expectations abound. No confusion about what can be achieved. No confusion about deadlines.
  3.  Accountability governs. Everybody owns up.

Terminations are sad but,  often necessary occurrences to serve the best interests of the team. Watching this process reminds me of how pros do it.