“A leader that won’t listen to others will eventually be surrounded by people that have nothing to say.” – Andy Stanley

What’s the climate like at work?

Communication ought to be constant, transparent, and courageous. The stage for those three things to happen is set by a leader who listens well.

The best teams communicate constantly. Encouragement flows. Teaching and sharing are a mainstay. Total, constant communication means everyone takes their turn and fills the communication gaps.

It starts with the leader listening. The communication culture will only develop when a leader seeks input and feedback, and listens.

Before long, it becomes second nature. People joining the team recognize a higher level of comfort among teammates. No one is scared to speak up. Everyone follows suit.

Transparency communicates an openness. When most everything is on the table for discussion, matters move along. There aren’t elephants in the room because transparent communication kills them.

Courage is fostered when the leader listens to problems openly. Teammates are willing to be the messenger when they see folks raise issues and live to see solutions flow following the discussions.

It starts with listening. The communication growth comes from there.