Complainer or Problem Solver?

Are you a complainer or a problem solver?

A complainer points out problems, shortcomings and deficiencies but stops there.

A problem solver points out issues but couples those observations with a possible solution and an offer to help.

A complainer lets his feelings guide him. So, he waits until the pain of the problem evokes a response. Thus, the problem is raised as an eruption.

A problem solver has learned that situations can always be improved. Thus, he has a constant awareness of the improvement process and consistently pushes to make things better. It’s a way of life.

A complainer personalizes the issue. The issues are related in emotional terms and often are more opinion than fact.

A problem solver makes the problem the boss. He knows describing a problem well is the beginning of arriving at ways to improve it. He supports observations with facts. He invites others to join in the process.

Presenting issues in a constructive manner helps to solve them.