“Many successful people still have no idea what they want to do. They just have a bias for action that has allowed them to capitalize on opportunities and compound effectively over time. If you have a bias for action, you’ll always be fine.” – Sahil Bloom

This quote is a “paradox.”  On one hand, we teach the importance of goals and being intentional about striving for them.  On the other hand, it asserts that successful people get there “by happening to the world” every day. 

As I reflected upon the statement, I realized that there’s truth in it.  

I never had a goal of being the “head man.”  I did have a deep desire “to matter to the team.”  I saw that if I helped someone at work or if l took on a different responsibility, my experiences enabled me to take on bigger challenges as they arose.  

It’s a virtuous cycle that allowed me to have an increased impact over time.  Others saw me as capable of taking on tasks that I never aspired to do.  

That’s what “compounding” means.  When you invest in your skillset, knowledge, and experience, you can increase the complexity and scope of the things you take on.  It builds.  After a period, you are seen by others as capable of more.  

So do the best you can every day.  Add a little learning to your mix.  Build skills in a different area.  Remain alert to the opportunities to contribute.  

Your success will follow.