Change is constant.

As a young adult, I had a teacher point out this truth. For the rest of our life, change would be coming our way.

He suggested that since change is constant, we would find ourselves in a constant transition. If transition is constant, it would be wise to become skilled at making transitions. He taught us a five-step process.

The first step:  Activate commitment.

Here’s the idea. Transitions are real. Some we choose. Some happen whether we want them or not.

My teacher said that if one going through transition becomes committed to engaging in the transition, the chances of an efficient, successful transition will occur.

It seems obvious that commitment matters, but many people don’t approach it that way. Change is dreaded. Change is feared. Change is avoided. Change is resented. Change comes anyway.

Activating commitment creates momentum. Commitment supports planning. Commitment looks forward.

You feel the winds of change; you will do well to say to yourself, “Change is abreast. Let’s attack it.”