Construct Your Determination

Here’s a “happening to the world” statement:

“Construct your determination with sustained effort, controlled attention, and concentrated energy. Opportunities never come to those who wait … they are captured by those who dare to attack.”  – Paul J. Meyer

“Construct your determination” is a power statement.  Would someone describe you as determined?  To me that would mean you have a record of deciding you want to do something and getting it done. There’s a target.  It’s worthwhile.  Your effort to achieve it is notable.

When you partner “determination” with “construct”, it takes on power.  The act of construction is planned.  Detailed comes with a strong dose of competence.  Constructors aren’t lacking confidence nor competence.

They bring “sustained effort”.  Sustained is regular and repetitive.  Sustained is still trying when others might fall.

They bring “controlled attention”.  They can focus on the big things that will help them complete construction.  They resist distraction.  They work on solving the issues and overcoming the obstacles in the way of the goal.

They bring “concentrated energy”.  The kind of energy that wells up from the inside.  The kind of energy that distinguished the determined from those that are meek.

Determined people have a process.  They have proven it time after time.  It includes effort, energy and concentration.