Amongst those I’m praying for daily are the students returning to school and the people caring for them.

Kids need school.  If we’ve ever doubted that, the experience of the COVID virus has set our minds right.  It’s a rare child that’s thrived in the stay-at-home, virtual learning environment.  Those of us who have endeavored to fill the gap created by the absence of teachers have developed or redeveloped an appreciation for the skill necessary to teach and the patience to cause it to stick.

But the reopening of schools cause all sorts of internal conflicts.  Is their health endangered if you send them? Is their education and development irreparable if we continue to keep them home? How big is the risk anyhow?  It’s just politics, the rules should be ignored.

I come from a family of educators. I stay involved with our community’s schools.

I’ve never seen such a lack of clarity about what to do, how to fight, what’s safe and what’s not.

Lack of clarity opens the door to a wide range of opinions and alternatives.  And all that chaos collides at the doors of the schools.

One of my colleagues said if there is any circumstance that calls for grace, it’s what goes on at schools right now.

So, how about this?  Approach the doors of your schools committed to cut each other some slack.

Wear a mask even if you don’t think it’s needed. Your concession will be a comfort to a fearful parent.

Follow the rules established by the schools even if they aren’t perfect.  We’re learning as we go.  The rules will get better as we learn more and acquire resources to combat the virus.

When you find yourself ready to be verbally combative, turn your cheek and hold your tongue.  The tension in the world has us all close to the edge.  We don’t need to waste time and energy on fighting with each other.  It’s not productive.

Healthcare workers have done heavy-lifting throughout this battle.  The educators are picking up the pace now.  Let’s honor their commitment and courage.  Affirm them in their efforts.  Be generous with compassion when they are tested.

We will be better.